About Us

St Theresa’s Catholic Parish is a vibrant, inclusive and welcoming community committed to living and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Under our baptismal mission and inspired by the Spirit we are bread for one another and nourished we reach out to make difference in the world.

Staff List

Parish Priest: Fr Brian Noonan
Parish Secretary: Janet Weier          
Pastoral Associate: Monica Brennan

The Parish Centre

The Parish Centre located at the corner of Curzon and Campbell Street was constructed in 1998. The centre has many features which reflective of our history and mission.


Sacramental Program
Each year children are prepared for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist. Please contact the office for more information. The programs are family based and begin with Formation for the parents.

Medallions of St Theresas’s

St Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897)

The French born saint, Therese Martin (The Little Flower) is usually pictured with roses and was known for doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.


St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582)

Teresa was born into a wealthy family in Avila, Spain. After committing her life to God, Teresa took on the reformation of the Carmelite Order. Her prayer life was inspirational and her understanding and teaching about God earned her the title of “Doctor” of the Church.


  • 1916 Archbishop Dunne invited the Sisters of the Good Samaritan to open as school
  • 1917 Two Sisters arrived. The foundation stone of Holy Angels’ School was laid on 10 September by Archbishop Duhig
  • 1952 Foundation stone laid for Jellicoe Street Church.
  • 1955 Bishop Brennen blessed and opened a new school building adjacent to Mackenzie Street. Holy Angles became known as Mater Dei.
  • 1956 Secondary School for girls opened (in old church).
  • 1957 New Parish of St Theresa’s was formed.
  • 1964 New Secondary School was founded
  • 1974 Secondary School was closed
  • 1976 A hail storm caused irreparable damage to the original Holy Angels’ Church/School and it was removed from the grounds
  • 1978 Mons P J Doyle appointed St Theresa’s Parish Priest
  • 1979 Alterations to St Theresa’s Church and construction of a new presbytery.
  • 1980 The parish school of Our Lady Help of Christians was closed.
  • 1982 Sisters of the Good Samaritan withdrew from Mater Dei School
  • 1983 Change of parish boundaries. Mater Dei came under the pastoral care of St Theresa’s Parish.
  • 1992 Mater Dei’s 75th Anniversary
  • 1992 St Theresa’s Church 40th Anniversary
  • 1992 Mons Doyle’s 40th Anniversary of Priesthood.
  • 1993 Major School Fire destroying the library and some classrooms
  • 1993 The convent was sold for removal
  • 1997 Purchase of 47 Curzon and 26 Campbell Streets. Sold St Theresa’s Church and Presbytery. Masses held at TAFE
  • 1998 Purchase of 55 Curzon Street Property for parish use. Construction of the St Theresa’s Parish Centre.
  • 1999 First Anniversary celebrations.
  • 2001 Monsignor’s Pat Doyle and Stan Skehan die.
  • 2002 Fr O’Keefe
  • 2002 Parish stopped at Mt Kynoch
  • 2007 Jubilee Celebration 75 years
  • 2007 Fr Tony O’Keefe died 15 April
  • 2008 Fr Brian Noonan became Parish Priest